Life Expectancy Consulting


Expert witness services

We provide life expectancy expert witness services for litigation cases involving medical malpractice, wrongful death, torts in general, pension valuation, or any other case where a determination of life expectancy is essential to a proper and just resolution of the case. We have been involved in hundreds of litigation cases involving life expectancy, often implicating several complex medical conditions, for courts in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

We review medical records, identify relevant factors, perform the appropriate calculations and produce detailed reports; we can also sometimes provide expedited opinions, so that parties can approach pre-trial negotiations with sufficient information to reach a satisfactory resolution.

Legal Consulting

Dr. Vachon is a licensed attorney. As such, he is ideally suited to assist in the elaboration of a legal strategy with regards to life expectancy. We offer a unique combination of skill sets to help fellow attorneys defend the interests of their clients. We can assist with motion drafting for evidentiary matters, and we can depose the other party’s experts, using our in-depth knowledge of life expectancy and our familiarity with most experts in the field to ensure our clients get the best out of the adversarial system.